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Aug. 26th, 2007

New Browncoat


Kit's Log August 2007

Kit's got a few things to think about.

Jul. 1st, 2007

Kit's New Hair


Captain's Log 6.29.2505

Well, as amazing as it may seem, figured out a way to get out of the mess I'd gotten into. Contacted Brody about getting some new identification for me to become Star Tanner. Brody tells me that he can make my face disappear from the evidence...and clear me of killing Moore Lee. Doesn't mean I don't still feel bad about it. I killed my bestfriend's father, and that ain't a good thing no matter if he was a heartless pustule of mule shit in an Alliance uniform... He was still Qin's father.

Brody said he could get me clear for 5K credits, and we all know I ain't got that kind of money. Then he offered to take a share of Tempest for a total of 12K. I talked about it with Ellie, Wally and Qin, and I decided I'd rather sell half of my boat to Qin. Hell, I probably owe him at least half of the old girl by now anyway. So I sold half share of Tempest to Qin for 12K. It's only about a quarter of what she's worth, but like I said - I owe Kit at least half again what he paid.

So now I got a full partner in the boat. We're taking the new registration that Badger's getting us, and saving it for another emergency. I paid Brody 8K to stay on his good side for jobs and such, and he'll be scrubbing my reputation. I get to keep my name, half my boat and my freedom. It ain't a bad deal. Sure I dyed my hair brown, but Qin says it looks better this way.

Qin and I are each going to take 1.5 share of our cuts from now on, Tempest - who is being renamed to Tempest's Shadow to honor Qin, Ellie and Alexi's home world. Tempest still gets a full share as do the rest of the crew. Finacially it'll probably be better. Right now I got 6K in Alliance credits. It's the most cashy money I ever had in my life. Wondering if I can get my leg fixed for that, or if I can just buy me a new one. That's something to consider. It would be nice to be able to run away when I need to for a change.

Jun. 1st, 2007



Kit's Log June 1, 2007

Sadly, we didn’t get to stay at home on Persephone for very long. The Alliance took nearly a week to figure out how to match my face and name from the security tapes from Regina. If I’d been in my right mind, I’d have tried to get a copy of the recordings, and protect the crew and me. But I was just too shocked by what I did to think about anything other than running. I blew it big time. I should have made sure they couldn’t recognize me, and not worry about getting a new face.

So now I’m running around with my hair dyed brown, wearing make up and walking with a cane so I look more gimped that I really am. Been working ok for the past few days, but it really was only a matter of time before the wanted posters showed up on the Cortex. They got a warrant out on Tempest too. That’ll teach me to have the boat legally registered in my name.

Kit Perris is going to have to disappear, and I ain’t got no idea how to do it. Faking my own death might be the best thing I can do. Badger is setting up fake registry for the ship. Guess I’ll have to change the old girl’s name when we get it. Have to come up with something suitable. It’ll be weird not to have her hailed as Tempest, but to keep her in the black she’s going to have to hide too. It’s not like I’m innocent. I’m guilty as hell.

Met up with an old friend, Ellie Rhodes, who had been at Serenity with us. She done her best to patch me up at the POW camp too, and I probably only have a leg because of her work. We needed a doctor on board, and conveniently she has a buddy who’s a pilot who came with her looking for work.

Took the pair of them in, not sure if they were a package deal, but I needed a pilot too. I need someone who can fly my boat out of trouble if I’m in chains. He seems a good sort, but a bit odd. He doesn’t read Chinese, and mumbles in Russian all the time. I haven’t told him I understand him. It’s more fun to just listen in.

I forgot what a temper Ellie has. She thought I done right by murdering Qin’s daddy. But then she’d been a medic while he was murdering our injured at Serenity. Ellie’s from Shadow, and ain’t no one from Shadow who will ever forgive the Alliance for what they done there. ALexey is from Shadow too, so now I got three on my crew from that barren world. I need to ask Qin what he knows about the families…but haven’t got time for that now.

We skedaddled off of Persephone so fast I didn’t even get to say good bye to Tyler. I’m going to miss my boy something fierce, and I don’t have a clue if or when I’ll ever get to see him again. I wish he and Qin could get along, so he could come with me. I miss him. But I’m starting to think that the best thing I can do is tell him to move on without me. How can I expect him to be waiting for me when I’m marked like I am now? Wouldn’t be fair to him at all.

I did get a decoy beacon off ship that would have the Alliance looking for us elsewhere as we left orbit, so hopefully that will buy us a little time. Alexey few us off of Persephone without a hitch and set a course for Newhall where we’re going to pick up a load of dried shrimp for Badger. He’s paying us, and getting us the new registry. Not a bad deal all in all, and we did ask Qin nicely to make him some cookies too.

Ellie was checking on my leg, and she wasn’t too happy with the condition it is in. But hell, it’s been six years without any therapy other than me running from place to place. Ain’t no wonder my left legs shorter than the right now. She might be able to help me though, but we’re not sure since the damage is so old and healed wrong.

The pilot comes racing through the ship because he saw a Reaver cruiser. We shut down, doing everything we could to look harmless. Then we hear over the radio an Alliance cruiser come into the area, where they spotted us. Then all hell broke loose. We got hit in the crossfire, a laser strike cut clear through us. We managed to plug the leak, saving atmo and such, but Qin told us we had to land.

Rob called in a friend, and got us a contact on Santo to hide out with for a bit. Woman’s name is Nadia Borosky, and she used to run guns. She told us to land in a bog. Not something I want to do on a regular basis, but it turned out the bog is a fake to hide an elevator that took us under the surface. And by us, I mean the entire gorram ship.

Nadia’s got a nice set up underground. She was obvious damn good at her job. I don’t know if we can trust her, but then I don’t know if we can trust any body. Might be time for me to think up a new name for myself too, and not just Tempest.

Jan. 26th, 2007

coffee squirrel


Serenity Crap

serenity stuff you might want.

Character Sheet

damage sheet

planet maps

planet descriptions

Jun. 10th, 2006



June 9 Log - Regina - I am Broken

I am broken

Apr. 29th, 2006

Excuse me?


Regina - Man Whores and more

Regina hasn’t been quite what I expected. Figured it’d be better to get a legitimate cargo before we rushed in like fools into the back door to rescue slaves when we didn’t know the lay of the land, or where Vena was to begin with. Had Wally contact some of his people to try an find us a cargo or two, so we could just blend in with the rest of the people hitting the city.

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Mar. 26th, 2006



Wave to Serenity

"Come on, you there, Serenity?" Kit leaned back in the pilot's seat of the Tempest waiting for a reply to her wave. Going to Regina wasn't something she was looking forward to. She was seriously considering spending all the credits she had, since she figured she was going to die before she got to spend it. "It's Kit Perris on the Tempest. Need to talk to you. Please respond."

Dec. 23rd, 2005



Don't know why I'm botherin'

Wally went scavenger huntin’ while we were still on Hera. Lots of ships went down there durin’ the war and since. He found a cargo that would cost 1000 creds, but would sell for a lot more on Beaumonde if we could find a buyer. We all pitched in buyin’ a share for 183 each. It’s goin’ to cost at least 900 to fix the damage we got when we yanked away from Skipper’s boardin’ lock.

Hope to hell that it costs that gorram’ bastard a hell of a lot more to fix up the Cascade, ‘cause he’s got it comin’. It is a shame he didn’t have the guts to board my boat himself, ‘cause I’d have loved to unload my service revolver into his brain pan. I am so tired of dealin’ with the grief that bastard has caused me and mine.

Ain’t sure which of ‘em did it, but they went back to check what else was in that boy Chan Chow Wa’s room. Figured we’d best make sure he didn’t have anymore drugs and such back there that we’d need to worry about. Little fuck stole my medal from Serenity Valley and something from each and every one of us.

At dinner that night, I informed the crew that from now on repairs to Tempest would be comin’ ‘fore they got paid from now on. If the ship don’t fly, they don’t got no work, so we got to keep her in the black no matter what. I didn’t get any arguments about it which did surprise me a bit, since they’s so tight with their money. I kin breath a little easier now though. Might even be able to get a hair cut on Beaumonde now while I can still see.

On the way back to the shipyards on Beaumonde, I sent a wave to Tyler on Persephone. I miss him terribly, and I occasionally regret my rule against shipboard romance. Shame he’s a mechanic and not a pilot. Qin’s worth his weight in gold and then some, but Travis is startin’ to piss me right off with all his meanderin’ courses that cut into the fuel and such. My boy told me that it was pretty much the same old at Eavesdown. Told me that he’d heard mention that Skipper was sayin’ Qin was his indentured servant. I so need to shoot that man. Tyler on the other hand, I need to get naked with that man. He about made me pee my pants laughin’ when he licked the screen to say good bye.

At Beaumonde Brody met us at the docks with a blue haired girl named Bell Blue. She had a necklace made out of a medal like mine from Serenity Valley. Her daddy was General Marcus Blue, a fine general who didn’t desert us in the end like the other officers had. Brody bought me a nice bottle of real whiskey and told me he’s got no love for Skipper neither.

I went off to get a haircut, leaving the repairs to Qin and Travis. Brought back noodles for the crew and a dozen fresh bao too. When I got back the Alliance was tossin’ the ship lookin’ for contraband. After tradin’ barbs with the Alliance officer bitch, found out that she’d been told I was dealin’ drugs and hidin’ an indentured servant. Didn’t take a genius to know who fed her that information. Skipper was a purple belly once and forever will be.

After they left, we went about cleanin’ up the mess, and found a transponder on the engine. I lifted it and left it on someone else’s ship nearby. Let them get all the attention and followed this time. I’d had my fill of the Alliance on Beaumonde and wanted to get back into the black soon as we had enough cargo to leave. But with the repairs we was stuck fast like we was in a roach motel.

Brody offered us another run to Haven, but took a job for Persephone instead. The run was going to pay us 1100 creds and included the fuel to get there. Can’t pass up a deal like that. Wally hooked up another deal to bring farm equipment that we later had to pass on because of a major fuck up.

I went out to have a little fun shootin’ pool and havin’ a few drinks. It was nice not to be broke, and it looked like the deals with Brody was goin’ to pay off nicely. I won 40 creds by the time it was time to go back to the ship. When we got back to Tempest I was damned drunk. Something looked funny, but I was too far gone to worry about it. That’s what second in commands are for, to look after funny shit when you’re too drunk to climb down the ladder into your cabin. I landed hard on my ass and promptly passed out.

I woke up a short time later with a needle in my arm and the doc tellin’ me that Qin had been kidnapped. I got on the horn to Brockington to see if his boy Skipper did it, but he told me he thought it might be his man Iago Martin who was on his way back to Persephone. I plotted us a course back home, while Travis busted his ass to get us ready to break atmo.

Nov. 12th, 2005



Beaumonde to Haven to Hera Run and Run In

It ain’t as if I could refuse them when they come to us askin’ that we bring their monument to Serenity. I’d almost died there, and almost every friend I had did too. Rob the only one who kept me alive when that runntin’ grenade took me down, and if it weren’t for Sgt Reynolds I don’t think any of us would have made it out of there at all. Part of me died at Serenity Valley. I think it was the end of my optimism. Since then I have become a might jaded, and paranoia is my best friend. I just can’t accept anything at face value. We were expecting the monument to have some big gorram bomb in it or something, but boy was we wrong about that.
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Nov. 8th, 2005



Game Schedule for the Holidays

Game Schedule for the Holidays – 2005

11/11 – Stellar Alliance – Serenity RPG
11/12 – Vitaenoir – Wolfram & Hart Game – reschedule
11/29 – Las Vegas Characters due for Stellar Alliance

12/02 – Stellar Alliance – Serenity RPG
12/03 – Vitaenoir – Wolfram & Hart finale or Han Tokyo
12/17 – Vitaenoir – Han Tokyo
12/23 – Stellar Alliance – Serenity RPG
12/30 – Vitaenoir – Han Tokyo – reschedule

01/13 – Stellar Alliance – Serenity RPG
01/14 – Vitaenoir – Han Tokyo
01/28 – Vitaenoir – Han Tokyo

02/03 – Stellar Alliance – Las Vegas WOD Game

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