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Kit's New Hair

kit_perris in tempest_crew

Captain's Log 6.29.2505

Well, as amazing as it may seem, figured out a way to get out of the mess I'd gotten into. Contacted Brody about getting some new identification for me to become Star Tanner. Brody tells me that he can make my face disappear from the evidence...and clear me of killing Moore Lee. Doesn't mean I don't still feel bad about it. I killed my bestfriend's father, and that ain't a good thing no matter if he was a heartless pustule of mule shit in an Alliance uniform... He was still Qin's father.

Brody said he could get me clear for 5K credits, and we all know I ain't got that kind of money. Then he offered to take a share of Tempest for a total of 12K. I talked about it with Ellie, Wally and Qin, and I decided I'd rather sell half of my boat to Qin. Hell, I probably owe him at least half of the old girl by now anyway. So I sold half share of Tempest to Qin for 12K. It's only about a quarter of what she's worth, but like I said - I owe Kit at least half again what he paid.

So now I got a full partner in the boat. We're taking the new registration that Badger's getting us, and saving it for another emergency. I paid Brody 8K to stay on his good side for jobs and such, and he'll be scrubbing my reputation. I get to keep my name, half my boat and my freedom. It ain't a bad deal. Sure I dyed my hair brown, but Qin says it looks better this way.

Qin and I are each going to take 1.5 share of our cuts from now on, Tempest - who is being renamed to Tempest's Shadow to honor Qin, Ellie and Alexi's home world. Tempest still gets a full share as do the rest of the crew. Finacially it'll probably be better. Right now I got 6K in Alliance credits. It's the most cashy money I ever had in my life. Wondering if I can get my leg fixed for that, or if I can just buy me a new one. That's something to consider. It would be nice to be able to run away when I need to for a change.