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kit_perris in tempest_crew

Don't know why I'm botherin'

Wally went scavenger huntin’ while we were still on Hera. Lots of ships went down there durin’ the war and since. He found a cargo that would cost 1000 creds, but would sell for a lot more on Beaumonde if we could find a buyer. We all pitched in buyin’ a share for 183 each. It’s goin’ to cost at least 900 to fix the damage we got when we yanked away from Skipper’s boardin’ lock.

Hope to hell that it costs that gorram’ bastard a hell of a lot more to fix up the Cascade, ‘cause he’s got it comin’. It is a shame he didn’t have the guts to board my boat himself, ‘cause I’d have loved to unload my service revolver into his brain pan. I am so tired of dealin’ with the grief that bastard has caused me and mine.

Ain’t sure which of ‘em did it, but they went back to check what else was in that boy Chan Chow Wa’s room. Figured we’d best make sure he didn’t have anymore drugs and such back there that we’d need to worry about. Little fuck stole my medal from Serenity Valley and something from each and every one of us.

At dinner that night, I informed the crew that from now on repairs to Tempest would be comin’ ‘fore they got paid from now on. If the ship don’t fly, they don’t got no work, so we got to keep her in the black no matter what. I didn’t get any arguments about it which did surprise me a bit, since they’s so tight with their money. I kin breath a little easier now though. Might even be able to get a hair cut on Beaumonde now while I can still see.

On the way back to the shipyards on Beaumonde, I sent a wave to Tyler on Persephone. I miss him terribly, and I occasionally regret my rule against shipboard romance. Shame he’s a mechanic and not a pilot. Qin’s worth his weight in gold and then some, but Travis is startin’ to piss me right off with all his meanderin’ courses that cut into the fuel and such. My boy told me that it was pretty much the same old at Eavesdown. Told me that he’d heard mention that Skipper was sayin’ Qin was his indentured servant. I so need to shoot that man. Tyler on the other hand, I need to get naked with that man. He about made me pee my pants laughin’ when he licked the screen to say good bye.

At Beaumonde Brody met us at the docks with a blue haired girl named Bell Blue. She had a necklace made out of a medal like mine from Serenity Valley. Her daddy was General Marcus Blue, a fine general who didn’t desert us in the end like the other officers had. Brody bought me a nice bottle of real whiskey and told me he’s got no love for Skipper neither.

I went off to get a haircut, leaving the repairs to Qin and Travis. Brought back noodles for the crew and a dozen fresh bao too. When I got back the Alliance was tossin’ the ship lookin’ for contraband. After tradin’ barbs with the Alliance officer bitch, found out that she’d been told I was dealin’ drugs and hidin’ an indentured servant. Didn’t take a genius to know who fed her that information. Skipper was a purple belly once and forever will be.

After they left, we went about cleanin’ up the mess, and found a transponder on the engine. I lifted it and left it on someone else’s ship nearby. Let them get all the attention and followed this time. I’d had my fill of the Alliance on Beaumonde and wanted to get back into the black soon as we had enough cargo to leave. But with the repairs we was stuck fast like we was in a roach motel.

Brody offered us another run to Haven, but took a job for Persephone instead. The run was going to pay us 1100 creds and included the fuel to get there. Can’t pass up a deal like that. Wally hooked up another deal to bring farm equipment that we later had to pass on because of a major fuck up.

I went out to have a little fun shootin’ pool and havin’ a few drinks. It was nice not to be broke, and it looked like the deals with Brody was goin’ to pay off nicely. I won 40 creds by the time it was time to go back to the ship. When we got back to Tempest I was damned drunk. Something looked funny, but I was too far gone to worry about it. That’s what second in commands are for, to look after funny shit when you’re too drunk to climb down the ladder into your cabin. I landed hard on my ass and promptly passed out.

I woke up a short time later with a needle in my arm and the doc tellin’ me that Qin had been kidnapped. I got on the horn to Brockington to see if his boy Skipper did it, but he told me he thought it might be his man Iago Martin who was on his way back to Persephone. I plotted us a course back home, while Travis busted his ass to get us ready to break atmo.